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Marrakesh will host the 50th edition of the National Festival of Popular Arts

The Association Le Grand Atlas “AGA” will celebrate, not only this anniversary, but will have the unique opportunity to open a large window on the landscape of a new artistic adventure of the Arabian Nights of the National Festival of Popular Arts of Marrakesh .

An annual event that offers a cultural mix between several countries of our planet earth, with the great support of the Ministry of Culture, true mentor of any national cultural event, which supports this 50th anniversary which will be attended by other Institutional and Private Partners.

A great adventure orchestrated by Professor Mohamed KNIDIRI, (former Minister of National Education) President of the Association Le Grand Atlas and who is also the real master of work of execution and pilot of this open-air construction site.

The glamor of this prestigious event has been progressively taking shape for years, while at the same time providing unique opportunities to magnify the national culture. The FNAP in a few words has become a factor of socio-cultural development, for the AGA which mobilizes its knowledge and experiences in the service of the understanding of the artistic field of events, in order to implement a whole process of creation, in the imperative concern to contribute to the development of the artistic, touristic and economic sector of the city through the National Festival of Popular Arts of Marrakesh, decreed intangible cultural heritage of humanity by UNESCO in 2005.

This large-scale National event brings together creators, researchers, decision-makers and operators from all disciplines and sectors, coming from diverse horizons, who participate with fervor in the fame of this famous ancestral city which embodies the prestigious memories of a great historic capital and those of an exotic place where sumptuous shows reveal the mysterious charm not only of the Orient but also of the world.

As the oldest festival in Morocco, the FNAP aims to measure the importance of Moroccan traditions, including dances, songs and costumes. Musicians and dancers of the world will join the festivities in a “Unique Fusion”, alongside the Moroccan troops who will also perform to offer an original show with secular colors, contemporary and even futuristic, all in a universalist vision, each people has its own Unique and singular “genius”, which appears as the foundation par excellence of the cultural renewal that will reunify all regions of the Kingdom.

The choreographic language in the world of these dances, elaborated from the union between the different Eastern and Western techniques, takes us into the folk world of so many creative fantasies of great national and international artists of the art of the show, fusing sumptuous costumes with marvelous flashes of color, emphasizing the originality of styles that combines oriental dreams with western fashions.

The highlight of this popular event, whose festive atmosphere motivates not only the artists with wonderfully contrasting costumes, which, while twirling impulse a certain energy to these fairy parties, like a film in fella good movie, it is also and especially an opening towards the societal aspect of the dance, the movements of the dancers men and women of all ages and all backgrounds, united in a happy whirlwind, sounds and rhythms, talk about themselves while doing to move the audience, no one can remain motionless in the face of the spectacle of his dances of the world, which move the spectator in an innovative and innovative staging and in these exotic places like the site of the Palais Badiih or even, the most bewitching of the Menara.

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