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MCA-Morocco: At the heart of a controversy

A survey conducted by the Inspectorate General of Finance on the expenditure of the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) could lead to a scandal. The agency is led by Abdelghani Lakhdar, the leader of the PJD and former economic advisor to the former head of government Abdelilah Benkirane.

Research is conducted on addictive behaviors and expenditures to finance projects related to vocational training and qualification for employability. It is the disappearance of accounting documents and justifications of the expenses financed by the Agency, as well as the follow-up of the financial imbalances which would have initiated this process of inquisition.

The Millennium Challenge Account-Morocco Agency (MCA-Morocco) is a public institution charged with the implementation of the 2nd “Compact II” cooperation program concluded between the government and that of the United States.

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