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MCA-Morocco: Launch of new employment program FBR

The Millennium Challenge Account-Morocco Agency (MCA-Morocco), a public institution in charge of the implementation of the second “Compact II” cooperation program concluded between the Government of the Kingdom of Morocco and the Government of the United States of America, represented by the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC), is launching on Tuesday, March 5, 2019, a call for projects to select potential candidates carrying projects under the program of employment by funding based on results (FBR), called “FBR Employment Program”.

The FBR Employment Program aims to improve the employability of populations experiencing difficulties in entering the labor market and to facilitate their insertion. It targets, in particular, women, non-graduates and graduates of higher education or vocational training who are in long-term unemployment.

Potential applicants will be invited to submit project proposals for the provision of intermediation and qualifying training, if necessary, to target populations for employment. The selection of proposals will be based on criteria relating to the capabilities of the service providers and the contents of the projects, as defined in the FBR Employment Program Procedures Manual.

Potential candidates may be NGOs, national or international associations, as well as national or international private providers operating in the field of intermediation. Candidates eligible for the support of the FBR Employment Program may also apply to partners with specific expertise in relation to the proposed project or regional or local institutional partners wishing to support the projects proposed on a technical or financial level.

Two information meetings will be organized in Rabat and Marrakesh on March 12 and 21, 2019 respectively, with the aim of informing and sensitizing potential candidates on the objectives of the FBR Employment Program, the eligibility criteria of the candidates and the projects grants from this program and how to prepare, submit and evaluate projects.

As a reminder, the implementation of the FBR employment program, with a budget of $ 10 million, is one of the components of the “Employment” activity under the “Education and Training for Employability” project which constitutes, alongside the “Productivity of land” project, the two structuring projects of the Compact II.

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