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McDonald’s to curb use of antibiotics in its beef supply

McDonald’s, a fast-food giant, has adopted a new policy to reduce the use of antibiotics for human health, found in 85 percent of the world’s supply chain.

According to the World Health Organization, resistance to antibiotics has become one of the biggest threats to health, food security and development in the world. While McDonald’s said its new policy aims to maintain the effectiveness of antibiotics for human and animal health in the future.

The company intends to work, in collaboration with meat suppliers and producers, to adopt a strategic and phased approach to reduce usage. She said she would work with the largest meat producers in the top 10 supply markets to measure and understand the current use of antibiotics through a global and diverse supply chain.

By the end of 2020, based on an understanding of the approach to use, the company will set targets to reduce antibiotics important to these markets. In 2022, the company will also begin to announce the progress made in reducing antibiotic targets in the top 10 meat supply markets to McDonald’s.

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