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Mckinsey praises Morocco for producing green hydrogen in Africa

According to the American cabinet, the Kingdom is developing several large green hydrogen projects to create a national ecosystem and be a regional hub on a continental scale.

Morocco is a benchmark for green hydrogen in Africa. The Kingdom has been able to put in place in recent years an ambitious strategy to gradually decarbonize industry, one of the most polluting sectors, and reduce its carbon dioxide emissions by 17% by 2030. These initiatives have not happened unnoticed at the continental level, especially among discerning observers of the caliber of Mc Kinsey & Company. In a report entitled “Green manufacturing hub in Africa: choices for a low-carbon industrial future”, the American cabinet devotes a section to the Kingdom in which it outlines its notable advances in this area.

According to this study, which aims to demonstrate that decarbonization goes hand in hand with growth, the Moroccan authorities, having very quickly become aware of the effects of climate change, tried to involve the various stakeholders such as the government, civil society, companies and international organizations to tackle this phenomenon head on and identify solutions to remedy it.

The World Power-to-X Summit organized from December 1 to 30, 2020 by the Institute for Research in Solar Energy and New Energies (IRESEN) and the Mohammed VI Polytechnic University is a perfect illustration of this, notes Mc Kinsey. As a reminder, this first edition organized in virtual mode had the participation of 90 speakers who addressed several themes relating to the challenges and opportunities of the green hydrogen economy.

Creation of a national cluster

Speeches attended by more than 2,000 people from sixty countries, according to the organizers. For Mc Kinsey, this high mass allowed Morocco to forge international partnerships thanks to its many potentialities in green hydrogen. We can cite, for example, cooperation with Germany and Portugal for the funding of research and training. Moroccan authorities had also participated in the Green Hydrogen Conference which took place in April 2021 in Lisbon.

Another major act, the creation, on March 18, 2021, of the national cluster of green hydrogen “Green H2 Morocco”. This program, piloted by the Ministry of Energy, Mines, and that of Industry, Trade, Green and Digital Economy, aims to set up a green ecosystem to make Morocco a regional hub in the region. production of green hydrogen and the export of its derivatives. A program developed in partnership with industries and technological platforms incubated by UM6P and IRESEN. “The development of large-scale green hydrogen production is key to Morocco’s strategy for a future with net zero emissions, and the country is taking concrete steps to make progress in this area,” the study said.

The regulatory aspect was not omitted by the report. Mc Kinsey is delighted with the creation of the National Green Hydrogen Council, whose objective is to carry out feasibility studies and facilitate the establishment of a dedicated hydrogen roadmap. “The National Office of Hydrocarbons and Mines (ONHYM) is leading the working group on gas infrastructure of the National Hydrogen Commission to make recommendations on the conversion of existing pipelines for hydrogen and the development of a logistics hub for transporting it to Europe,” the cabinet emphasizes.

To implement this green strategy, it would still be necessary to have a large stock of renewable energies. A challenge brilliantly met by Morocco, which was able to produce 960 megawatts (MW) of this clean energy between 2015 and 2019 to reach a total installed capacity of 3,865 MW in 2019, according to the strategy consulting firm, which specifies that the Noor Ouarzazate solar complex is the driving force behind this production, with 580 MW.

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