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Mckinsey welcomes Morocco’s ambitions for green hydrogen

At a time when Africa is at a crossroads to avoid irreversible climate change, Morocco, with a growing renewable energy sector, is already seeking to explore the potential of green hydrogen, the international cabinet McKinsey & Company said.

McKinsey & Company, an international strategy consulting firm headquartered in New York, released a study on green industry in Africa on Monday. Prepared by Mckinsey’s offices in Nairobi, Lagos, Brussels and Casablanca, with support from the British UK Aid fund, the report demonstrates how decarbonization can go hand in hand with growth. It also demonstrates that “the path to net zero manufacturing emissions in Africa has significant economic potential”.

As ‘Africa is at a crossroads’, the window of opportunity to avoid irreversible climate change closes, while urgent action is needed to keep temperature rises below 1.5°C. “The choices the continent makes now regarding its future development trajectory, particularly in the manufacturing sector, will be critical to ensure that it can do both,” the document recalls.

It devotes several parts to Morocco, recalling that the kingdom is committed to reducing its CO2 emissions by 17% by 2030, as part of its “unconditional contribution”. It is also cited among the countries where “the population is very aware of the problem of climate risk”.

To help shift the mindset prevailing on the continent towards ‘zero net mission’, stakeholders could “take steps to raise awareness of the dangers of climate change, its impact on African countries, and the advantages and opportunities of decarbonization and change to green technologies”, recommends the study, suggesting “public debates and education campaigns at all levels”.

In this sense, she recalls that in Morocco, a regional platform for policy makers, industry leaders, research experts and global innovators has been set up to explore the potential of green hydrogen and its applications for this country.

Morocco’s “Concrete Measures” to Develop the Green Hydrogen Sector

The study notes that “the development of large-scale green hydrogen production is key to Morocco’s strategy for a future with net zero emissions, and the country is taking concrete steps to move forward.” The cabinet adds that “all stakeholders, including government, civil society, business and international organizations, are working together to achieve this.”

“Morocco is also making sure to participate in other key international hydrogen discussions, for example the Portuguese Hydrogen Conference held in April 2021. To support the shift to a green economy with the hydrogen at its center, the Moroccan government is striving to create a favorable regulatory environment.” Extract from the study

The opportunity to welcome the establishment, in July 2020, of a National Hydrogen Committee to “conduct hydrogen feasibility studies and facilitate the establishment of a hydrogen roadmap” and the actions implemented to consolidate the infrastructure needed to support this industry. “The National Office of Hydrocarbons and Mines (ONHYM) is leading the working group on gas infrastructure of the National Hydrogen Commission to make recommendations on the conversion of existing pipelines for hydrogen and the development of a logistics hub for transporting hydrogen to Europe,” the cabinet recalls.

The same source, which highlights Morocco’s partnerships with various European countries, such as Germany and Portugal, recalls the creation, in March 2021, of the national innovation hub GreenH2 Maroc, a collaboration between industrialists, universities and centers. research to “further promote technology transfer and industrial integration within the hydrogen sector”.

As renewable energy is a “prerequisite for the production of green hydrogen”, McKinsey & Company notes that the renewable energy sector remains growing in Morocco, although it requires financing, the construction of new green infrastructure, enhancing people’s skills and creating a favorable regulatory environment.

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