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Mellila government asks Madrid for help against thousands of Moroccan children

New Spanish move targeting more than 1,400 children under the age of 15 living in the occupied city of Mellila waiting for conditions to migrate across the sea to Europe, while local authorities are calling for “counting 200 children instead of thousands”.

Daniel Ventur, the minister of social welfare in the government of the occupied city, estimated that more than 1,000 Moroccan children had infiltrated with the return of the illegal immigration activity from the Moroccan shores, while the Spanish government aspires to distribute these children equally to various Spanish authorities in order to relieve the pressure on some ” Hot spots “.

The majority of Moroccan children living in Mellila, known as the “MENA”, live in homelessness and do not live in shelters provided by the local government. Authorities say that “by November, there were more than 1,400 children,” highlighting that “there are 120 new foreign minors Newly admitted to Mellila”.

“The border between Mellila and Morocco is not sufficiently fortified”, the ministry said. The central executive authority contends that the maximum number of minor children who can stay and settle in Mellila should not exceed 200 children, instead of 1,000 currently in the occupied city.

“These figures are based on the reports of the local police and the group of minors”, said the ministry official. “Among these minors, 50 of them appeared after the tour by the official interpreters at the local police buildings in Mellila”.

In the meantime, the Minister of Social Welfare called on the Madrid government delegate to “do everything possible to intervene quickly in order to control the border and alleviate the situation”, explaining that “more than 1400 children entered our city this year as a result of the permeability of the border. Therefore, if we make less permeability, this phenomenon can change dramatically, at least in our city”.

Twenty-three of the children arrested by security services this week said they had infiltrated into Mellila, “carrying Moroccan documents, entering alone or accompanied by a relative or other, while others benefited from poor border controls and seven others from inside cars or in truck cavities”, adding one case entered Mellila by “swimming”.

Morocco and Spain signed a memorandum of understanding on unaccompanied minor migrants, which was converted into an agreement in 2007 that provides for the right of Spanish authorities to deport unaccompanied minor children after identifying them and identifying their families. If this is not possible, they have the right to extradite them to the Moroccan authorities, to identify their families or to place them in children’s centers.

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