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Message of King Mohammed VI to the Crans Montana Forum

King Mohammed VI sent a message to participants at the 5th Crans Montana Forum in Dakhla, which opened on Saturday under the theme “Building a Powerful and Modern Africa at the Service of Youth.”

Here is the full text of the royal message read by the president of the region of Dakhla-Oued Eddahab, Khattat Ynja:

“Praise to God,.

Peace and greeting on the Prophet, His Family and His Companions.


Ladies and gentlemen,

It is pleasant for me to address the participants in this 5th edition of the Crans Montana Forum in Dakhla, under the theme “building a powerful and modern Africa at the service of youth”; a theme that can only challenge all actors, institutional and private, far beyond our Continent.

The new edition, to which we wish every success, testifies to the lasting anchoring of the forum in Dakhla: for the last 5 years, it has become an important meeting place for reflection and research of concrete and innovative responses to sustainable socio-economic development.

Because this forum is a forum, a center that brings together participants from diverse backgrounds and from around the world; a center that welcomes high level speakers, mobilized around themes related to Africa, but radiating all continents, thanks to the emergence of ideas, synergies and opportunities for cooperation.

It is also an opportunity for us to congratulate all the teams involved for making this important meeting a success. We thank, in particular, the President of the Crans Montana Forum, Jean-Paul Carteron, who, through his dynamism and sense of initiative, knows how to federate and convince.

In just a few years, Dakhla radiates unquestionably as a city of meetings, a crossroads of dialogue. The abundance of conviviality and hospitality of this beautiful city symbolizes an Africa, able to be in tune with international standards.


Ladies and gentlemen,

It is possible that Our Continent is the place of many promises; it is certain that he is the one of all hopes. He is especially at the center of the world chessboard. And to meet the challenges of Africa is to act on the international geostrategic challenges and the changes underway. The time of Africa has arrived. This century must be the century of Africa.

The main reason for this conviction is the strong demographic vitality of the Continent: its population is the youngest.

The acceleration of the demographic transition calls on us for the launch of major development projects, capable of transforming the reality of the continent, especially in the areas of education, health, agriculture, infrastructure, or again the fight against poverty.

These are all challenges that Africa needs to meet to ensure its emergence.

19 years old – today is the median age in Africa. This young generation will build the Africa of tomorrow, this youth will contribute to the peace, stability and socio-economic development of the Continent.

But our youth needs to be worn, trained, empowered and above all valued. It must be trained to convert today’s economic potential into the reality of tomorrow. Failure in this area would be a terrible disaster for the Continent and for other regions as well.

The perilous departure of a part of our youth in search of a future from other horizons, must not be a fatality, nor the figure of an Africa in failure.

Our common interest is to work towards the implementation of relevant and adapted responses so that our young people see their future in Africa, for Africa.


Ladies and gentlemen,

The Kingdom of Morocco is aware that Africa has a lot to offer, that it has all the capacities and the qualities to evolve, to engage with audacity and determination, to transform itself in depth. The Continent is moving forward, and its emergence is a measurable reality.

Africa has opted for openness by refusing the logic of predation and outright exploitation of its wealth, while preserving the values ​​of sharing and solidarity that characterize its millennia cultures.

Morocco’s commitment to Africa and to active South-South cooperation is not the result of narrow circumstances or interests. Since Our enthronement, We have never ceased to plead for an active, fraternal and mutually beneficial solidarity, because We consider that Africa, our Continent, is our duty, our responsibility, our luck.

In 2000, we decided to cancel all the debts of the Least Developed Countries of the Continent towards Morocco. Facilitation measures for imports from these countries have also been put in place.

They resulted in a increased African exports to the Moroccan market. By this action, the Kingdom wanted to translate, in fact, its responsibility and its duty to register cooperation in a win-win logic.

Driven by this responsibility, Morocco has opted for openness, solidarity and the outstretched hand with all of its African peers; the choice to promote and support peace, stability and security in Africa.

We are convinced that these are the fundamental conditions for the elaboration and the success of economic and social policies that will guarantee the African people a better and dignified life.

It is in the name of this same conviction that the Kingdom wants to work, with its African brothers, with their friends and their partners, to make the Continent a land of the future. This is the spirit of our action, especially since Morocco joined its African institutional family.

It is up to us to put Africa on the path of progress and emancipation. It is up to us to give it the strength to rise to its rightful place on the international scene.

Finally, it is up to us to do everything we can to mobilize the actors and the vital forces that will build this community of destiny allowing the effective emergence of Africa.


Ladies and gentlemen,

Our time is traversed by unprecedented upheavals. Demographic transition, ecological conversion, the digital revolution and mobility are the main drivers of these changes.

We must adapt to these new realities and change our policies for the good of our people and for the future of our youth.

This Forum is one of the spaces of reflection and exchange which allow to apprehend, in the current international conjuncture, the lines of force, the points of vigilance and the subjects of debate.

We hope that the recommendations that will be adopted at the end of your meeting will make it possible to identify new forms of cooperation and innovative synergies that will guide political leaders and economic decision-makers in this work for Africa.

Once again, we congratulate you on this initiative and this constant commitment and welcome you to the Kingdom of Morocco, a good stay in Dakhla and a great success in your work.

Wassalamou alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatouh”.

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