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Meta launches “Boost with Facebook” initiative in Morocco

Meta has announced the launch of the annual global initiative “Boost with Facebook” in Morocco for the second consecutive year.

In a press release, Meta specifies that the initiative will be organized in collaboration with the Moroccan Agency for Digital Development (ADD), a governmental organization for digital development.

The initiative aims to provide small, and medium-sized businesses with the necessary know-how to support their online presence and compete in the digital economy. It will target up to 2000 small and medium-sized Moroccan businesses through the “Boost with Facebook” initiative, explained the press release.

In 2020, the “Boost with Facebook” training initiative targeted 1700 Moroccan businesses in eight Moroccan cities within the Casablanca-Settat, Rabat-Sale-Kenitera, Dakhla, and Souss-Massa regions.

The program helped 80% of the participating businesses to “strengthen their marketing techniques, establish a strong online presence and successfully interact with clients using the Meta-owned platforms Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp,” according to Meta

The 2021 program will see Meta also collaborate with the LaStartUpFactory, a Casablanca-based African platform aimed at supporting small businesses.

The StartUpFactory will be working closely with the ADD to extend the reach of the Meta program nationwide.

“The Boost with Facebook program adds to the public and private entities’ efforts to encourage the development of the digital know-how within small businesses,” says the director of the Moroccan Agency for Digital Development, Mohammed Drissi Melyani.

“The COVID-19 economic fallout still poses a grave threat to small and medium-sized businesses. We are committed to supporting small and medium-sized businesses to remain open and, in time, to grow. Our role in transmitting digital know-how to small and medium-sized businesses is necessary for the survival of these businesses and profit-making,” explains Meta’s director of Public Policy MENA.

He added, “This year we carry on with our mission to train small and medium-sized businesses in collaboration with the ADD and LaStartUpFactory, stimulating, in the process, the creation of a perfect ecosystem for startups to prosper and to have a positive impact on Morocco’s socio-economic growth.”

This year’s “Boost with Facebook” aims to introduce startups to the various products and services provided by Meta. The program further aims to acquaint startups with efficient strategies to manage their digital presence and interact with their online communities.

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