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Military service in Morocco: The latest government decisions

As part of the implementation of military service, the government decided to create a dedicated web portal.

Entitled “Tajnid.ma”, the site will offer most of everything you need to know about military service.

The portal will also include a form to be completed by the conscripts, before receiving a copy by e-mail.

The Ministry of the Interior, which will manage the site in question, will ensure the protection of personal data and information, our source said. Data that will only be used by the authorities concerned.

In addition, a central census commission for military service will be set up. The president of a chamber of the Court of Cassation will be at the head of the commission, in addition to representatives of various state agencies (security services, ministerial departments …), including the National Council of Human Rights or the Economic, Social and Environmental Council.

It should be remembered that some 10,000 elements will form the first contingent of young people between the ages of 19 and 24 to perform their military service with the Royal Armed Forces in early September of the current year.

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