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Military service: What risk for refractories

Next September, nearly 10,000 young Moroccans will be subjected to compulsory military service. They will receive training and military exercises in the centers of El Hajeb, Beni Mellal and Casablanca, not to mention the centers in the south of the Kingdom.

Any attempt to escape this service is punishable by up to 6 months in prison and a fine ranging from 2000 to 5000 dirhams.

Conscripts will be deployed based on their skills and abilities in various military units. They will follow a technical training for one month. The remaining seven months are devoted to teaching and developing their skills.

The conscripts will be placed under the control of the public administrations and their services. The salary of the military will vary between 1050 dirhams (soldiers) and 2100 dirhams (officers). In addition, recruits who join the southern provinces will be granted an additional 300 dirhams per month. Medical coverage and travel allowances on the same basis as the FAR recruits are included in the deal. In case of disability during the training period during military service, a pension will be paid to them.

It should be noted that under high royal instructions, Bill N° 44-18 was drafted, introducing compulsory military service for Moroccan citizens aged 19 to 25 years. The duration of military service is 12 months.

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