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Ministry of Governance announces the “price roofing” at the petrol stations

After the process of tightening and attraction, Lahcen Daoudi, Minister in charge of public affairs and governance, announced to initiate the formal procedure for activating the decision to roof the prices of fuel, noting that “the profit set by the State for fuel companies and gas stations is 70 cents per liter of diesel, and 60 cents per liter of gasoline”, he said.

The government official said in a statement: “I personally stand on the activation of the decision to roof the prices of fuel for the companies concerned”, noting that “some companies have already reduced prices by 60 centimes as requested, but other companies rejected it”, declaring that he will try, with its representatives, to convince them of the usefulness of this procedure, because “the law authorizes me as the official of the sector to take the necessary action”.

“After the liberalization of fuel prices in 2015, some companies will earn 2.13 dirhams per liter”, he said. “I am determined to implement the decision to roof the prices of fuel and this is a binding decision under the law”.

Despite the firm language in which Daoudi spoke, he left a margin for companies to adhere to the roofing rule. He said: “It is better to be in the dialogue with the companies concerned”. If this dialogue does not lead to any outcome, then we will resort to its implementation.

The minister of public affairs and governance threatened, under the parliament, fuel companies in case of not reducing the prices of gasoline and gas at the end of this month, saying that “the price of oil is declining, and at the end of the month must be reflected on Morocco”, he said.

As for the penalties imposed on companies that refuse to reduce prices, Daoudi said in his statement: “The stick will be used at the right time when the language of dialogue ends. We are with the community of dialogue and understanding to achieve the desired results”.

“The Moroccans singled out them to understand that this is the time when I have the possibility of using the power, so I’m going to deliver to the goaland keep the stick”, adds Minister Daoudi.

A source close to the distribution companies of hydrocarbons in Morocco revealed that the price reduction began on the first of December, after the decline in the price of a barrel of oil in world markets, and confirmed in his statement to the Press that the decline in the price of sale at the stations will distribute fuel between 40 and 50 cents for gasoline and gas.

The same source said that the decision came after the significant drop in oil prices in world markets, which came as a result of easing sanctions on Iran, one of the largest oil producing countries in the world.

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