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Ministry of Interior: El Adaoui continues his cleaning

The General Inspectorate of Territorial Administration (IGAT), under the Ministry of the Interior and headed by Zineb El Adaoui, reportedly referred many “blameworthy” cases to the judiciary, involving officials, directors of public institutions, presidents of communes and heads of design offices. IGAT also relying on reports prepared by the Inspectorate General of the Ministry of Economy and Finance.

Among the new files transmitted to the court, there is that of a public institution in charge of the fight against shantytowns. Indeed, some of its leaders, including retirees, are accused of having squandered public funds. They were compromised in this scandal, on the basis of reports of judges of the Court of Auditors, chaired by Dris Jettou.

According to sources, an agency of promotion and social development would also be in the visor of the IGAT. Indeed, the department of Zineb El Adaoui would have found, in terms of appointments to positions of responsibility, flagrant violations of the most basic administrative rules.

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