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Mission accomplished for the Moroccan military hospital in Lebanon

The Field Medical and Surgical Hospital deployed in Beirut has completed its humanitarian mission for the benefit of the victims of the explosion at the port of Beirut on July 4, 2020, which left at least 137 dead and 5,000 wounded, a source military said.

Operational since August 10, 2020, this multidisciplinary field hospital is made up of 150 soldiers, including 45 medical staff from various specialties (resuscitators, surgeons, traumatologists, ENT specialists, ophthalmologists, neurosurgeons, pediatricians, pharmacist), specialist nurses and elements of support.

It also had an operating theater, hospitalization, radiology and sterilization units, a biological analysis laboratory and a pharmacy. In addition, and following the High Royal Instructions, a military aircraft airlift was established between the city of Kenitra and the capital Beirut to send emergency medical and humanitarian aid for the benefit of the stricken population. Moroccan aid included a batch of first-aid medicines, food products, tents and blankets for the accommodation of the victims, and medical equipment to prevent Covid-19, in particular protective masks, visors, charlottes, blouses and hydro-alcoholic gel, the same source added.

The Field Medico-Surgical Hospital was introduced into the emergency circuit in Beirut by the Lebanese Ministry of Health. The Commander-in-Chief of the Lebanese Army, Joseph Aoun and the Lebanese Minister of Health Hamad Hassan Ali, paid a visit to the Moroccan hospital. A delegation of renowned Lebanese artists also visited, on August 21, 2020, the Moroccan military field hospital deployed in Beirut. Throughout its deployment, the Moroccan Campaign Medico-Surgical Hospital has been very busy.

It provided 23,167 medical consultations for the benefit of the injured Lebanese population, including 8,863 men, 9,853 women and 4,451 children. 55,555 medical services were provided for the benefit of 21,018 men, 24,151 women and 10,386 children. 18,651 prescriptions were issued. The military hospital also successfully performed 431 surgeries and 6,433 additional examinations, including biology, radiology, and ultrasound. During its deployment, the hospital recorded 4 deliveries and 469 hospitalizations. In addition to the victims of the explosion that shook the port of the Lebanese capital, the Moroccan Military Hospital also received victims of traffic accidents, domestic accidents and incidents of daily life. The deployment of this military hospital in Beirut reflects the strong involvement of the Kingdom of Morocco under the far-sighted leadership of His Majesty King Mohammed VI, may God Glorify him, in the service of humanitarian action.

The Kingdom’s contributions in favor of humanitarian actions and assistance in the world are in fact a practice rooted in its history and an ancestral Moroccan tradition. This has resulted in practice, for nearly 60 years, through the deployment of Contingents and Field Medico-Surgical Hospitals of the Royal Armed Forces and the delivery of direct humanitarian aid for the benefit of the populations of the countries affected by crises or natural disasters.

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