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Mohammed VI The African: New book of Maradji

“Mohammed VI The African” is the new book by photographer Mohamed Maradji. Edited by “The crossroads” and composed of three chapters, taking, for each, the activities of the late Mohammed V, the late Hassan II and King Mohammed VI, the book is a testimony of the commitment of Moroccan sovereigns to Africa and their action for the economic development of the continent.

Known as the “Photographer of the Three Kings”, Maradji asserts that each of the Sovereigns has succeeded his time, making “the continuity of the dynasty continue naturally for the construction of modern Morocco”.

“Each of the royal lives carries its share of grandeur,” writes the photographer in the foreword of the book, stating that “with His Majesty King Mohammed VI, I have traveled thousands of kilometers”.

For the artist who makes us live, and very often relive, events and historical moments of the African history of the Kingdom, the splendid images of this book “are an unequivocal testimony that His Majesty King Mohammed VI inaugurated a new era”.

“His procession has crisscrossed the four corners of the planet, in order to reinforce the links of cooperation, the goal to build, to supervise building sites, to launch works that surprise by their gigantism”, says Mr. Maradji in foreword of the book.

“HM the King clears the bush, fertilizes the deserts, raises the minarets, illuminates the countryside, supports the creators and the artists, fight against poverty and creates wealth”, writes, in preface, the Senegalese writer and poet Amadou Lamine Sall.

For him, “Mohamed Maradji is a talented and tireless photographer, who has created an immortal work dedicated to his King”.

The hundreds of images collected in this book furtively show the HM the King’s tireless visits to the four horizons of Africa. Images that end up convincing the public of the love of HM King Mohammed VI for his continent.

They demonstrate the choice by the Sovereign of a determined action in order to bring out the economic development and to diversify the relations of South-South cooperation, like the photos of the working visit and friendship carried out by the Sovereign in Côte d’Ivoire, or the agreements and conventions signed with Nigeria during the royal visit in December 2016 in that country.

On page 235, Maradji proposes another image where the Sovereign gathered the heads of state and government of the climate committee and the Congo Basin Blue Fund, in yet another royal action for the climate and for Africa.

January 30, 2017 will undoubtedly remain a landmark date in the African history of the Kingdom, with the speech addressed by HM the King to the African nations, in Addis Ababa, on the occasion of the return of the Kingdom within its African institutional family .

This is one of the most significant events for Mr. Maradji, who did not fail to immortalize in his book this moment with beautiful photos of the Sovereign, while resuming, on six pages, the speech royal, with a well-chosen exergue: “Africa is My Continent and My home. I finally go home.”

Thus, the photos and the relevant looks of Mohamed Maradji show the moment and propel the public towards the future of Moroccan and African youths.

Born in 1939, Maradji, author of several publications, has received numerous awards and awards during his career, as he was decorated by several foreign leaders.

He began his career as a street photographer before becoming “a reporter of royal activities” and “one of the privileged witnesses of a long time”. “I could neither suspect him nor dream of him”.

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