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Moncef Belkhayat unravels his capital ties with the Rothschilds

We have just learned of the acquisition on Friday morning by H&S Invest Holding of 29% of Dislog Group shares held by Amethis Maghreb fund belonging to the Rothschilds.

“We are very happy to have made this closing. I thank Amethis Maghreb fund as well as CNaV II and their respective Management for the support they gave us in terms of finance and governance from 2014 to 2018. Dislog Group is now entering a new stage of development through an upstream integration that consists of launching 4 industrial projects in the categories of tea, biscuits, oils and detergents creators by 2021 of 1300 direct jobs,” announces Moncef Belkhayat, president of Dislog.

Note that Amethis arrived at Dislog on January 28, 2014 through a capital increase.

According to our sources, Moncef Belkhayat’s group through its family holding company H&S Invest Holding is preparing a major legal and financial restructuring operation in the coming weeks.

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