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More than 22 million passengers passed through Moroccan airports in 2018

Air traffic posted a record year in 2018 with more than 22,534 million passengers having passed through the various airport structures in Morocco, said in a statement, the National Office of Airports (ONDA).

The Kingdom’s airports have welcomed a total of 22,534,771 passengers, a strong growth of 10.43% compared to the year 2017 and a new record was also recorded at the level of international traffic, which crossed the milestone of 20 million passengers and rose to 20,081,890 passengers +9.97%, while the national traffic totaled 2,452,881 passengers, up 14.33%.

With some 15,770,142 passengers welcomed in 2018, air traffic with Europe, which accounts for more than 78% of international air traffic, recorded a sustained growth of +11.55%, the statement added. This growth also affected the Middle and Far East segments, North America and South America, which posted growth rates of +6.23%, +11.69% and +18.93%, respectively.

The Mohammed V airport, which accounts for more than 43% of global air traffic, welcomed 9,732,044 passengers, with growth of +4% at a time when strong performances were signed by Agadir airports (+24, 48%), Marrakesh (+20.92%), Fez (+17.33%), Dakhla (+20.23%), Essaouira (+25.38%) and Ouarzazate (+36.94%).

Similarly, aircraft movements recorded in Moroccan airports increased by +7.77% to 189,784 movements and the traffic of commercial aircraft flying over Moroccan airspace increased in 2018 +3.8%, amounting to 238,965 movements against 230,131 movements registered for the year 2017.

In addition, air freight experienced, during the year 2018, a sustained growth of +7.47% in comparison with 2017 to reach 88,209.65 tons against 82,079.89 tons.

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