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More than 50% of healthcare personnel in Morocco infected with Omicron

The wave of contamination due to the Omicron variant had been announced to be more virulent than that known until then in Morocco. And it is with the contamination of more than half of the nursing staff of the health services, especially in the big cities.

The pressure is increasingly strong in the big cities, where the nursing staff engaged in the fight is contaminated by the Omicron variant. “More than 50% of medical personnel treating in large cities have been affected by the Omicron variant,” said Professor Saïd Moutawakil, resuscitator and member of the Scientific and Technical Committee.

Announced for the end of January, the peak of the third wave that Morocco is experiencing could arise earlier than expected, due to the resurgence of cases of infection. In hospitals, there is a stir in the face of the high rate of contamination in the ranks of doctors and nurses. The contamination of healthcare personnel has caused a certain problem in terms of human resources management, underlined Moutawakil. The staff is scarce.

During his intervention, the specialist explained that as a leading actor, healthcare personnel are exposed to high risks of contamination, despite the existence of a rigorously followed health and safety protocol. “With the large influx of patients infected with Covid and requiring resuscitation and the workload, great tension has been created in terms of human resources management”.

As of January 23, the occupancy rate of intensive care beds fell from 1.9% on December 15, 2021, the date of the appearance of the first Omicron case, to 11.4%.

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