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Moroccan Food returns at Rosewood Jeddah Festival

The annual Food Festival has returned at Rosewood Jeddah for the fourth time, tastier than ever. Bringing food-lovers, families and friends together to enjoy an unforgettable culinary festival.

The festival started at Habsburg Restaurant on Dec. 26 in the presence of Moroccan Consul General Ibrahim Ajouli, dean of Consular Corps Ambassador Ali Mohammed Al-Ayashi and a number of foreign consuls general.

The Moroccan Food Festival offered Rosewood Jeddah visitors the traditional flavors and authentic ingredients of Morocco. The scene is set to take visitors on a journey of sights and aromas of Morocco, while the guest chef immerses visitors in the gourmet culture and culinary heritage of its different regions.

Guests embarked on a wide range of popular and traditional Moroccan delicacies that they sample through a buffet with a selection of traditional vegetarian dishes with many choices of hot & cold mezze appetizers, and Moroccan dishes including the Kefeh Tajn eggs, Moroccan mixed grill, Tajine bant alrmad and authentic Moroccan chicken pastilla; ending their tasting adventure with mouth-watering desserts including Ghraiba , Faqqas with nuts, Kaab ghazal, chabakiya Seffa and sellout, served in an authentic performance.

“We impatiently wait for the winter school break to present our annual food festivals, as we demonstrate our expertise offering Jeddah’s residences and expatriates exclusive menus in collaborations with professional chefs, especially after the success of last three food festivals, this year we are focusing on bringing the authentic and traditional tastes from famous cities of Morocco, we want to show our guests the unique cooking techniques and practices that country is known for,” said Mohamed Osman, Director of Sales & Marketing.

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