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Moroccan gendarmerie reassures desert rally after Polisario threats

As the Monaco Dakar Rally passes from the “Guerguerat” buffer zone on Monday to Mauritania, the Moroccan gendarmerie, located near the disputed area, assured the organizers of the international demonstration of the safety of the field conditions, according tosources.

According to media outlets on the Polisario Front, the organizers of the Monaco Dakar Rally have been warned that it does not recognize the “exceptional status of the Sahara” and that it “places the Moroccan and Mauritanian flag on the course of the race in the desert”.

A source from the organizing committee of the international rally, in a statement, said that “the participants do not make any provocations towards the Polisario,” explaining that “an international demonstration can not put Polisario flag on the course of the race because the United Nations does not recognize them as a state.”

The organizing committee warned against any wrong practices that may be encountered by African Eco-Rice participants, who will pass through the cockroaches, especially since some 32 nationalities participate in it around the world.

The Mauritanian authorities also assured the organizers of the race, saying they would ensure the safety of the rally on the Mauritanian border near the buffer zone.

After a firm response to the Moroccan government’s objection to the desert rally, the Polisario Front denied, on the lips of its leaders, rumors about its intention to take provocative steps towards the participants in the demonstration.

Moustapha El Khalfi said that “the rally will pass from the region within days without any crises, where there are no movements or threats by the Polisario forces,” and noted that “the United Nations presence in the buffer zone can confirm whether it is true or not, The only official international presence in the buffer zone.”

“The UN Security Council was clear in its resolutions that any behavior of this kind is a provocation and a threat to stability in the region,” said El Khalfi, the government’s official spokesman in charge of relations with parliament and civil society.

The official added that UN Security Council resolutions called on the “Polisario” to refrain from such provocations in the buffer zone, pointing out that it is a “desperate provocations put separatists in confrontation with the international community.”

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