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Moroccans are the second most illegal immigrants in Europe

This is confirmed by most international reports, most recently the report of the UNHCR, which recorded the entry of 12745 Moroccan immigrants to Europe through the Mediterranean, out of the 113482 migrants arrived in the continent.

Morocco ranked second in terms of the number of immigrants who entered Europe last year, while the 1,3008 Guinean immigrants in the first rank and the migrants of Mali in the third rank, numbering 10347, followed by those coming from Syria, Emigrants, then the Afghans, who numbered 7621, and Algerians with 6154 persons.

Spain received the largest number of migrants crossing the Mediterranean, with 57,215 immigrants, followed by Greece with 32,497 immigrants; Italy with a third receiving 23,371 migrants.

This comes at the time of Morocco’s transfer to the Spanish authorities a list of requests for intensified border control, in addition to the claim of 140 million euros committed by the European Union to support the Kingdom.

The demands made by the Kingdom to the Spanish neighbor relate to assistance in training workers in key sectors, such as tourism and health, as well as a program for university students to study in Spain.

According to sources, Spain has taken over the European Union’s file of financial support in this regard, pointing out that the Minister of State for Migration, Consuelo Rumi, planned to make a trip to Brussels at the end of this month to start new financial commitments.

Rumi will eventually ask European partners to hand over 140 million euros to support Morocco in managing migratory flows.

With regard to the training of staff in sectors such as hospitality and tourism, Spain considers that Europe will contribute funds and that it will send Spanish staff to train Moroccan professionals; Moroccan students who complete the university can travel to the northern neighbor to pursue postgraduate studies and then return to their country. Experience an academic stay abroad.

“Spain will defend the demands of its Moroccan partner, aware that its cooperation is necessary to ease immigration pressures,” the source said.

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