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Moroccans at the top of the list of illegal immigrants in Europe

The number of Moroccans who entered the former continent illegally last year was 13,269, accounting for 9 percent of the illegal immigrants on the continent. Totaling 150 thousand and 111 people.

According to the Frontex report, the number of Moroccans expelled from the European Union (EU) is 10010 out of 75,241 expelled. The majority of Moroccans who entered the Federation in Spain are estimated at 11723 persons out of the 57,000 immigrants who arrived in Spain last year.

According to the report, the number of illegal Moroccan immigrants arriving on the continent by sea has increased by about five times last year, and are also taking the route of the Straits of Gibraltar and the Sea of ​​Boran.

According to the agency, the number of illegal immigrants in Europe in 2018 was about 2,160 people, occupying the fourth rank; while the existing Ukrainians, which numbered 36251 immigrants, followed by the Albanians who numbered 21350, and then the Iraqis with 21307 people; 15,577 people.

The Syrians make up the list of illegal immigrants who entered Europe last year and numbered 14,378 immigrants, followed by those who came from Afghanistan, who number more than 12,000.

“The Moroccan authorities are racing to build barbed wire along the city to prevent irregular migration to the occupied city amid great silence,” said the Nordic Observatory for Human Rights. “This is a great proof that Morocco is playing the role of Europe’s police.”

At the time Spain announced the removal of sharp codes fences because of human rights pressure, in an attempt to the so-called humanization of its borders, the Observatory surprised by the Moroccan officials to play the role of the gendarme against the sovereignty of the country and international human rights instruments.

The Observatory expects “the continued flow of migrants by sea using inflatable boats … which will make the western Mediterranean a cemetery for immigrants in 2019, in the absence of radical solutions to the phenomenon of migration.”

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