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Morocco: 13th world producer of peppers

FAO data indicates that in 2018, there were 36.771,48 million kilograms of peppers worldwide, with China being the world’s largest producer with 18.184,71 million kilograms. Morocco, for its part, produced 256 million kg, which gives it its 13th place.

Analysis of this data also reveals that over the past decade, pepper production worldwide has increased on average by almost one billion kilograms per year.

World pepper production exceeded 36.7 billion kilograms for the first time in history, as in 2018, the last year for which FAO provides global data, a total of 36.771,48 million kilograms was reached. The area devoted to their production in 2018 was 19.909.023 hectares, with an average yield per square meter of 1,85 kg of peppers.

The data highlights the fact that the Netherlands is the country with the best performance in the world, as they get 27,08 kilos of peppers per square meter, 336,77% more than Spain, Although it the second best performance obtained among the 20 largest producers in the world, it only reaches 6,2 kilos per square meter. Turkey produces 2,78 kilos of peppers per square meter, Egypt 1,69. As for Moroccan farmers, they produce 4,71 kilos per square meter.

Indeed, the production of peppers in Morocco reached the figure of 256,52 million kilos. This is 34,23% more than the previous year, for which it devoted an extension of 5.449 hectares, obtaining a yield per square meter of 4,71 kilos.

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