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Morocco 1st supplier of watermelon to Spain

Morocco exported more than 85,650 tonnes of watermelons to Spain during this 2019-2020 crop year. With this volume, the kingdom occupies the 1st place among the five major exporters of this fruit to Spain.

Out of a total of 108,36 tonnes of watermelons imported by Spain, Morocco exported 85,650 tonnes, or 79.04% of the total volume of watermelons imported. The amount of exports reached 50.73 million euros, with an average price of 0.592 euros per kilo. Proof of the performance of this fruit in the fault examination of the current health crisis.

Senegal is the second country with 11,080 tons of watermelons going to Spain, worth 6.23 million euros for an average price of 0.562 euros per kilo of watermelons. Brazil comes in third place with 3,500 tons for 2.05 million euros with an average selling price of 0.587 euros per kilo. Italy is the fourth country for this 2019-2020 crop year, with 1,860 tonnes of watermelons for 0.34 million euros and 0.182 euros for the price per kilo.

It should be noted that Mauritania completes the list of the top five countries, with 1,490 tonnes for 0.2 million euros and a purchase price of 0.138 euros per kilo.

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