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Morocco 59th in the 2021 world passport ranking

The Moroccan passport has gained one point in the annual ranking of the most powerful passports in the world and retains its place as the second passport in the Maghreb.

According to the ranking of the British firm Henley & Partners, the Moroccan passport ranks 59th in the world. It allows Moroccans to travel to 23 destinations without a visa and 33 with a visa application on arrival. In the Maghreb, the kingdom’s passport maintains its position as the second most powerful passport behind the Tunisian passport (52nd world rank with 36 destinations) and ahead of the Algerian passport (63rd world rank).

Globally, German and Spanish passports are the most powerful. Germans and Spaniards have the option of visa-free travel to 142 countries. Australia, Switzerland and Ireland share the same rank (2nd). Passport holders from these countries can travel to 141 countries without a visa. Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Belgium, Italy, Portugal, Luxembourg, Japan, South Korea, United States, New Zealand, Australia occupy the third position with 140 destinations. France, Malta, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, Greece and Poland are in fourth position with 139 destinations. As for the Afghan passport, it holds the red lantern in the rankings and allows its citizens access to only 31 countries.

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