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Morocco, 5th largest producer of olive oil

Morocco will reach a production of 140,000 tonnes of olive oil. It will thus be the fifth largest producer in the world.

Spain will be the largest producer of olive oil with 1,510,000 tonnes, or 49% of world production, with Italy in second place with production of 280,000 tonnes (9%). Greece comes next with 220,000 tonnes, (7%) of world production. Tunisia, for its part, will have to reach a production of 170,000 tonnes (6%) of world production.

Behind Morocco, Portugal will be the sixth largest producer in the world with 135,000 tonnes, followed by Turkey (130,000 tonnes). Syria itself will maintain its production and place eighth in world olive oil production.

World olive oil production will decline by 5% compared to the previous season with 3,086,500 tonnes in the 2020-2021 season. In Morocco, this decrease is due to the rainfall deficit.

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