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Morocco 62nd in the 2021 world passport ranking

According to the latest classification of the “Passport Index” service, the Maghrebian sesame to other horizons, which already had no coast, have, with the health crisis that is hitting the planet, seen other borders close under their noses.

According to regularly updated Passport Index data, Moroccan passport holders can access 23 countries without a visa, 33 with a visa application on arrival while in 141 countries visas will be required. Moroccans are (temporarily) banned from entering with or without a visa by Covid in 53 countries, 54 for passports from Algeria and Tunisia. But many countries are ready to lift this extreme measure if there is a noticeable improvement in the epidemiological situation in our three countries.

Tunisians, the best-off in the Maghreb with regard to passports, although …, will access 29 countries without a visa, will ask for the entry seal on arrival at the destination airports in 35 countries and are required to present an entry visa issued by the consular reception authorities in 134 countries. For Algerian citizens, they have only opened 13 countries, must apply on arrival at destination airports for visas in 37 countries and are banned from entry without visa to 146 countries.

The Tunisian passport is in 56th place in the power ranking (63 pts) and, the Moroccan pass is in 62nd position (57 pts) while the Algerian is in 64th place.

As we can see, our travel documents only give limited access to a few countries without a visa requirement or, with visa application on arrival (around sixty at best). Most of the countries which welcome without fuss are those which are housed in the same boat as us, there are Africans, some Latin Americans and Asians. In addition, the systematic reciprocity of visas between countries is not a general rule, we see it with nationals of European countries who can access Tunisia or Morocco without the entry seal or even without a passport and simply with an ID.

This border tightness situation was accentuated last year by the global health crisis linked to Covid and more particularly from March 2020, when virtually all the world’s borders had been closed to stem the spread of the coronavirus which has wreaked havoc by killing tens of thousands of people, after catching the planet by surprise during the first months of its appearance. The ensuing economic situation pushed some Europeans to open their borders with a hardening of access to their respective territories and only allowed the free movement of goods and people to their own nationals as for Schengen area.

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