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Morocco 79th in the 2021 world passport ranking

The English company Henley & Partners, specializing in global citizenship and residency advice, has unveiled its new ranking of world passports according to the number of destinations to which their holders can access without a prior visa. In this ranking, Morocco keeps its 79th place, with 64 destinations accessible without visas.

The Henley & Partners ranking, which has been in place for 17 years, is based on data from the International Air Transport Authority, which lists 199 passports and 227 destinations. Alongside Morocco, we continue to find Cuba and Ghana, which have access to the same number of destinations without a visa required on arrival.

For the Maghreb countries, Morocco is in second place, behind Tunisia (72nd worldwide) whose passport allows access to 71 countries without visas. Mauritania is behind Morocco in 84th place (59 countries), ahead of Algeria 92nd (52 countries) and Libya 103rd (40 countries).

In Africa, Morocco comes 18th in the ranking, behind Seychelles (28th worldwide), Mauritius (31st) South Africa (51st), Botswana (60th), Namibia (66th), Lesotho (67th), Eswatini (69th), Malawi (70th), Tanzania (71st), Kenya (71st), Tunisia (72nd), Zambia (72nd), Gambia (72nd), Uganda (76th), Cape Town Green (77th), Zimbabwe (78th) and Ghana (79th).

Globally, the ranking is dominated by Japan and Singapore, whose passports provide access to 192 countries or destinations. In second place are Germany and South Korea with 190 countries, followed by Finland, Italy, Luxembourg and Spain with 189 countries. France, for its part, is in 4th place with 188 destinations, alongside Austria, Denmark, the Netherlands and Sweden. Afghanistan for its part still closes the rankings, with only 26 destinations accessible without visas, behind Iraq (28) and Syria (29).

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