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Morocco, a country with “enormous” renewable energy potential

Morocco has taken “important” steps to harness its “huge” natural potential for solar, wind and hydroelectric power generation, according to the BBC.

In an article published on its website, titled “How Morocco went big on solar energy,” the BBC praised the kingdom’s efforts to produce clean energy. “Morocco has made a name for itself as a climate leader. Renewable energy accounts for nearly two-fifths of its electrical capacity, some fossil fuel subsidies have been phased out and the country is claiming some of the largest clean energy projects in the world,” the British media reported.

Since the 2000s, the Moroccan authorities have taken the decision to invest massively in renewable energy projects and to become a regional leader in clean energy, notes the text, recalling that Morocco set up in 2009 an ambitious energy plan which was to allow the production of 42% of the kingdom’s total electrical capacity in renewable energies by 2020. This clearly stated desire has led to a marked increase in the production of wind and solar energy, of which the capacities were multiplied by 6 and by 16 respectively during the following decade.

The article also reviews the construction of the largest solar power plant in the world, the Noor-Ouarzazate complex, which the author considers to be a “huge” network of solar panels spread over 3,000 hectares intended to capture the sun’s rays to produce Energy. With these massive investments, Morocco intends to increase the share of renewable energies in its electricity mix to 52% by 2030, 20% solar energy, 20% wind energy and 12% hydraulic energy, informs the BBC.

“Compared to many other countries, Morocco is doing relatively well in terms of climate action, its policies and commitments being close to limiting global temperatures to 1.5 °C”, further specifies the article, citing an analysis by the Climate Action Tracker research group.

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