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Morocco: A woman sentenced to 5 years in prison for rape

It is a sentence of 5 years in jail that a woman sentenced for the rape of a man will have to pass as well as for having filmed her pornographic acts of a rare violence. Another victim did not want to complain.

This woman allegedly drugged a man, raped and filmed to blackmail, according to media. She was sentenced by the Rabat Court of Appeal to 5 years in prison.

Strangely enough, the rapist is the wife of the victim’s nephew. She would have put a drug in a soft drink and then filmed to have material to blackmail, in case he would like to denounce her husband. Currently in prison, her husband was sentenced in a drug case, vengeance and blackmail so.

On the other hand, the investigators found in her phone evidence that she had made another victim, probably according to the same modus operandi. But media says she refuses to report to the police station for fear of scandal.

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