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Morocco ahead of Saudi Arabia in purchasing US weapons

Forbes has just released the amount of US heavy weapons acquired by Morocco. In a recent report, the American magazine reveals that the Kingdom is the largest buyer of armaments in 2019 for the MENA region.

According to Forbes, Morocco’s heavy armaments transactions from Uncle Sam’s country are $ 10.3 billion, ahead of Saudi Arabia. And to clarify that these are mainly weapons intended for the Royal Air Forces.

In addition, in a statement, Mohamed Chakir affirms that Morocco had often resorted to armaments “made in the USA” and this, since the conflict around the Moroccan Sahara with the aim of balancing the air forces with the Algerian neighbor.

The political scientist and academic also said that the United States believes that the Kingdom is in the need to acquire armaments for its air force, especially F16 combat aircraft. This is to carry out the fight against terrorism which is rampant more and more in the region.

Mohamed Chakir also added that the Moroccan-American military transactions are the result of other reasons. These relate mainly to the USA-Morocco Strategic Dialogue and the close partnership between the two countries, with the aim of combating terrorism and extremism.

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