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Morocco Among Least Generous Countries in MENA

The 2018 Gallup Generosity report gave Morocco a score of 26 out of 100, based on data from the Civic Engagement Index of 2017.

The report showed Moroccans are some of the least likely to donate money to charity in the Middle East and North Africa, behind Tunisia and Mauritania, but ahead of Yemen. Only 5 percent of the interviewed people said that they are likely to donate money to charity, putting Morocco among the bottom third of generous countries.

The 2018 World’s Most Generous Countries Report shows people who are “most likely to lend a helping hand, whether through volunteerism, charitable donations or kindness to strangers.” The report assessed 146 countries.

Toppin the list of generous donors, 90 percent of people in Myanmar are likely to be donors. Myanmar is followed by Indonesia and Australia.

In 2016, Morocco was ranked 123rd most generous out of 140 countries, with a low score of 22 percent, according to Charities Aid Foundation World Giving Index.

Morocco has multiple charities, NGOs, and associations. One of them is Care, which was created in 2007 as part of the National Initiative for Human Development (INDH), an initiative of King Mohammed VI.

INDH seeks to “fight poverty and social exclusion” through training, capacity building, and other projects.

King Mohammed VI has been calling on the government to create projects to curb social disparities.

In his last message to the 8th Africities Summit in November, the King said, “Morocco is unfortunately not immune to the problem of homeless children. Failure to recognize this challenge would be tantamount to willful blindness; moreover, it would be unreasonable to underestimate the phenomenon.”

The King then said that the time “has come to put issues relating to children at the heart of the public agenda.”

In 2017, the World Happiness report said that Morocco is the 84th happiest country in the world. The report made its ranking according to the country’s gross domestic product, life expectancy, health, freedom, generosity, welfare, and perceptions of corruption in government or business.

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