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Morocco among the countries where we sleep the most

A study recently published by the World Economic Forum, revealed that Morocco is one of the Arab countries where we sleep the most.

According to this study, which concerns 55 countries, Moroccans sleep on average 7:15 per night, compared to less than 6:30 for the Saudis and less than 6:45 for the Egyptians. The Emirati, meanwhile, have an estimated sleep time of 7 hours per night.

New Zealand comes at the top of this ranking with almost 7:45 of sleep per night, followed by Finland, the Netherlands, Australia, the United Kingdom and Belgium.

This study was developed with the data collected by the application “Sleep Cycle”, which processes the information related to the sleep of its users.

Note that according to the American National Sleep Foundation, adults need 7 to 9 hours of sleep per night.

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