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Morocco and EU step up cooperation in Vocational Training

State Secretary for Vocational Training, Mohamed Rherras, held talks on Thursday in Rabat with Head of Cooperation for the European Union (EU) Delegation in Morocco, Philip Mikos, on the means to step up bilateral cooperation in the area of vocational training.

During this meeting, the two sides discussed the progress of the EU program aimed at supporting Morocco’s reform of the vocational training system, which is currently being implemented, as well as the means to advance cooperation with the European Union, the State Secretariat for vocational training said in a statement.

Under this program, Morocco has received a financial support of € 60 million.

This program focuses in particular on the development of a broader and integrated vocational training system, the adaptation of the training offer to the employers’ needs, the improvement of the quality of the vocational training system as well as the strengthening of coordination between the various actors and stakeholders.

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