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Morocco assists Spain in arresting Terror Suspect

The Spanish Interior Ministry announced, on saturday, the arrest of a Moroccan terror suspect in Mataro, in the province of Barcelona.

A statement of the ministry said that the arrest was carried out through an international arrest warrant and extradition issued by the Moroccan authorities against the suspect.

Moroccan authorities described the 33-year old terror suspect as “dangerous terrorist who fought in foreign territory.”

The statement added that the suspect is an alleged member of ISIS. He entered Spain by  irregular means in June 2018. The suspect lived in Barcelona.

He left Morocco in 2014 to join ISIS.

The statement added that  he “would have conducted military practices for the group in order to plan the development of a long-range missile base in Syria.”

Morocco has several international cooperations with international security services, including the US, Spain, and France.

Morocco introduced the anti-terrorism strategy and the Central Bureau for Judicial Investigation (BCIJ) in 2015. These initiatives received applause from several international powers, including the US.

Morocco was listed among the countries least impacted by terrorism, according to the 2018 Global Terrorism Index. Morocco ranked 132nd out of 163 in the report, gaining nine places compared to the 2017 report when it ranked 123rd.

Morocco has not fallen victim to any terror attacks since April 2011 in Marrakech.

However, the BCIJ is now investigating the murders of two Scandinavian tourists as a potential act of terror, especially after four suspects appeared pledging allegiance to ISIS in a video published on Thursday.

The bodies of the tourists were found on Monday, December 17.

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