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Morocco: Climate risk incurred losses of $ 174 Million a year

The economic losses associated with environmental degradation and climate change risk averaged US $ 174.019 Million per year, according to the Global Climate Risk Index of 2019.

The report, issued by the German international organization Germanwatch on the sidelines of the climate summit in Bologna, put Morocco in the 124th place out of 180 countries included in the classification that monitors the risks of climate based on a study covering the period from 1998 to 2017.

Morocco scored 100.50, with countries close to zero having less environmental risk. The Kingdom did not record any climate-related deaths in 2017.

Despite Morocco’s annual economic losses, its ranking remains moderate given the number of countries facing serious weather events that lead to thousands of deaths each year.

In this regard, 10 countries topped the list as the impact of areas with extreme moods: Puerto Rico, Honduras, Myanmar, Haiti, the Philippines, Nicaragua, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Vietnam and Dominica.

Since 1997, more than 520,000 people have been killed in more than 11,000 serious meteorological events, according to the Climate Risk Index. The cost of economic damage was about 3.16 Trillion dollars.

The recommendations of the WHO report said that developing countries must overcome weather disasters on a regular basis, especially poor countries such as Haiti, Sri Lanka and Vietnam, which face major challenges.

In a previous report, the United Nations reported that the last 20 years had seen a 151 percent rise in economic losses from climate-related disasters; more than 1.3 Million people lost their lives, and more than 4.4 Billion people were displaced as a result of these disasters.

A previous assessment study revealed that the cost of environmental degradation in Morocco reached about 33 Billion dirhams, equivalent to 3.52 percent of GDP in 2014.

The study, carried out with the support of the World Bank, showed that water and air pollution is one of the biggest challenges requiring special treatment.

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