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Morocco, exemplary in its pandemic crisis maneuvers

It is far too early to claim victory over the new coronavirus worldwide, much less here. But we are delighted and comforted to find that Morocco is a strong country. What emerges from the coronavirus crisis we are experiencing is the fact that some states are equipped to handle this type of crisis, and others are not, and this has little to do with the state of development but rather with efficiency in managing the crisis. Morocco reinforces important points: social cohesion, a strict and centralized application of locking, confinement and closure measures which remain the most effective means of containing the virus.

Together against Coronavirus

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  1. Due to this era of time, the world is passing through so many difficulty. Since we all know that, the hole world is under the attack of the pandemic virus known as corona-virus. So many life and properties are been destroyed, am advise to the world is to keep calm, do as the government says and we will be safe until this issue is over.

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