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Morocco: Experience in renewable energies at the disposal of Africa

The Minister of Energy, Minerals and Sustainable Development, Aziz Rabah, said on Thursday, in Abu Dhabi, that Morocco is taking advantage of the opportunities available in the field of renewable energies and raising the existing challenges, adding that the Kingdom puts in this regard its pioneering experience at the reference of African countries.

Speaking at a meeting on the subject of “intensifying the use of renewable energy on the African continent,” Rabah said in the presence of a number of African energy ministers on the sidelines of the 9th General Assembly of the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) that Morocco is putting its experience at the forefront of African countries, Exploitation, maintenance and rural electrification, both in bilateral and multilateral partnerships in cooperation with IRENA.

The African continent is called upon to take advantage of three opportunities in the field of energy industry, promote scientific research and promote local social development, he said, adding that the time has come to turn the renewable energy sector into a real economy in its own right.

On the other hand, Mr. Rabah highlighted the importance of the approach of advancing scientific research in the field of renewable energies. He pointed out in this regard the experience of the Institute of Research on Solar Energy and New Energy in Morocco, which has ambitious programs that share its results with its partners through the adoption of regional platforms Search.

He also called for the adoption of programs and approaches that contribute to making various solar or wind energy projects a positive reflection on local social development, especially through the involvement of the local population.
Regarding challenges, he said, the first is how to ensure energy freedom while balancing energy systems in African countries. The second challenge is to adopt the appropriate technological option for weather in Africa characterized by extreme heat and weather fluctuations.

As for the latest challenge, the minister said, the organization of the renewable energies sector is through the accumulation of experiences, given that African countries have bodies that are responsible for legalizing the sector. He called for holding a forum to highlight the various aspects related to regulation.

The minister said that IRENA can play a more pivotal role in access to energy and the integration of regional energy systems by ensuring safety and economic and social development, particularly through the creation of qualified jobs, stressing that IRENA is also encouraged to encourage transfer of innovation resulting from the research and development processes, and the development of an appropriate framework for the transfer of technology and expertise in the evolving capacities.

The work of the IRENA General Assembly will be held tomorrow with the participation of more than 120 ministers and government representatives from 160 countries around the world. The meeting will discuss ways to speed up the spread of renewable energy in support of sustainable development and climate goals, with high-level representatives from international institutions, private companies and civil society organizations.

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