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Morocco: Fiat Chrysler Automobiles expands its network

The subsidiary of the Italian-American group is continuing to develop its network with a strengthening of the Casa-Rabat axis while waiting to tackle the rest of the country, where there is real potential for commercial growth.

Let’s not be frightened and let us make the point: if the Fiat Chrysler Automobiles Maroc group closed “a year of strong growth in 2018”, as he likes to say in a statement, he could have done better if close to 65% of its sales were not concentrated on the axis Kenitra-Casablanca, with 49% on the only economic capital of the kingdom!

More than a bitter truth, this is a flagrant imbalance at the territorial level and a big shortfall in the long term. This, Francesco Monaco has found and it is resolved to remedy. The very lucid CEO of FCA Morocco has been active since the beginning of the year to develop the distribution network of all its brands (Abarth, Alfa Romeo, Fiat, Fiat Professional and Jeep).

Except that if it announces “the opening of new show-rooms” which “will be added to the network of the group to reach 28 points of sale on the kingdom at the end of 2019”, the Moroccan subsidiary of the Turin group begins this expansion with four new concessions on the same axis.

Thus, “a new dealer will take over the Casa Nord axis with a concession to Zenata and the imminent opening of a showroom in Mohammedia,” said a statement, while another dealer will represent the group doubly in Casablanca. It is the Continental Service which, long after having been a Renault group dealership, changes partners and moves its historic Soumaya street under the FCA banners while taking over the concession of the roundabout Zerktouni, who will be rebadged Continental service instead of Italcar.

Another opening, that operated in Rabat by Orbis group “which is located in the center of Hassan II Avenue”, we are told. A reinforcement of the network which should logically have repercussions on the commercial performances of FCA Morocco, which turns out half-hearted at the end of the first quarter. That being said, the capillarity of the network of FCA Morocco is still to develop as know the leaders of the group announcing 7 new openings by 2020. In addition to an umpteenth point of sale in Casablanca, are in the project phase FCA concessions in the cities of Sale, El Jadida, Larache, Nador, Hoceima and Errachidia. These, like others located in quite remote areas or in the great south, would however deserve more interest from the group in view of the commercial potential they conceal. One only has to see what the competition achieves.

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