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Morocco field hospital eases pain of Palestinians in Gaza

The military field hospital set up by the Kingdom of Morocco in the Gaza Strip in the Palestinian territories, in mid-June 2018, formed a humanitarian and solidarity initiative that sought to support the Palestinian people in its ordeal and its suffering under the conditions of the Israeli occupation.

Morocco was keen to launch the services of this medical and surgical hospital of the Royal Armed Forces, which gave King Mohammed VI his instructions for his stay in Gaza, to demonstrate his firm commitment to support the Palestinian people and their legitimate causes.

This solidarity initiative represents an active and unconditional support that the Moroccan people continue to offer to their brother the Palestinian people in their daily suffering with the Israeli occupation.

This noble humanitarian gesture was added to Morocco’s record of humanitarian action following a series of similar initiatives set up by the Kingdom with royal orders in a number of brotherly and friendly countries, which has been greatly praised by the beneficiary population and their leaders.

Insofar as this initiative embodies a strong Moroccan commitment to be physically present in the field, even in hotspots, if necessary, to the extent that it affirms the solidarity of the Kingdom and its desire to save innocent lives in need of urgent support.

Such successful initiatives of Morocco, along with people in difficult circumstances, have contributed to the successful involvement of Royal Armed Forces doctors, specialists and nurses, who are deployed in several field hospitals and who do not hesitate to carry out their tireless humanitarian tasks to the fullest extent possible. To convey a clear image of their country and to highlight its leadership in international humanitarian and solidarity action.

According to Colonel Ahmed Bounaim, the main physician of the hospital, this medical and nursing unit provided medical consultations and medicines to 39,621 Palestinians.

Colonel Bounaim said in a press statement that “since the start of its medical services on June 12 and until the middle of last October, the hospital has provided medical consultations to 39,621 people and distributed 30 tons of various drugs to 32,724 people. Subject to specialized medical examinations.”

He pointed out that the medical and nursing staff in the hospital received since the start of work 23 thousand and 236 patients from the people of the Gaza Strip and adjacent areas, and carried out laboratory medical analysis for 1843 people.

The medical team at the hospital also added X-Ray images to 3475 people and performed 322 surgeries for patients and wounded Palestinians who were suffering from various diseases or were injured during their participation in the return marches. He recalled that the medical staff of the hospital conducted emergency medical interventions for 2508 patients and injured.

Colonel Bounaim noted that the medical and nursing staff, as well as the technical and logistic services, were engaged in a “professional spirit” and expressed “a sincere sense of solidarity and professionalism with our Palestinian brothers.”

“We are keen to provide quality medical services to patients and patients as well as urgent cases in all disciplines required and adapted to related needs, such as arterial surgery, gastrointestinal system, orthopedics, paediatrics, otolaryngology, ophthalmology, gynecology and obstetrics.”

He pointed out that all the staff of the hospital “have always received various cases of illness and injuries, as they kept tirelessly to enable our Palestinian brothers to benefit from appropriate medical and hospital services in various disciplines and in the best conditions with the necessary medical care.”

The hospital included all the required specialties and adapted to the relevant medical needs, such as arterial surgery, gastrointestinal system, paediatrics, otolaryngology, ophthalmology, gynecology and obstetrics.

The hospital is equipped with a laboratory for medical analysis and primary treatment facilities, a dispensary room and a pharmacy, as well as the latest equipment needed for medical examinations and radiation, in order to alleviate the suffering of Palestinians and bypass the Gaza Strip’s medical services.

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