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Morocco has 50 renewable energy projects with an installed capacity of 3,950 MW

Morocco has 50 renewable energy projects with an installed capacity of 3,950 MW already in service, while more than 60 other projects are under development or implementation, Head of Government Aziz Akhannouch said as part of its participation in COP26.

Speaking on the occasion of the world summit of leaders on the acceleration of innovation and the deployment of clean technologies, Mr. Akhannouch indicated that the New development model to which Morocco aspires set five bets for the future to be taken up in strategic areas, and among them are “Research-innovation” and “Energy”.

Morocco’s commitment to a dynamic of energy transition is a proactive political choice brought to the highest summit of the State by HM King Mohammed VI, he recalled during this event which also followed one another from the rostrum, US President Joe Biden and UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson. This is a process that began more than a decade ago, through an ambitious energy strategy, based essentially on the rise of renewable energies, energy efficiency and regional integration.

“Following on from these efforts and with a view to accelerating the energy transition, several measures are being taken to develop biomass energy, marine energies, and hydrogen,” Akhannouch said. In terms of innovation, the Kingdom has equipped itself with state-of-the-art research and innovation infrastructure in the field of clean energy, in order to support this energy transition, underlined the Head of Government.

In this context, a network of research and innovation platforms has been set up. These are in particular the Green Energy Park, which is a research and innovation platform in the field of technologies and the Green & Smart Building Park, a platform dedicated to energy efficiency in buildings, smart grids and electric mobility. Other platforms are being developed relating to hydrogen, biomass and the Agro-Energy-water Nexus, as well as desalination, he told his audience made up of eminent personalities such as Prince William and Bill Gates. Great efforts are also being made to facilitate the financing of these projects by encouraging a strong participation of the national and international private sector, indicated Mr. Akhannouch, stressing that Morocco has taken the path of development based on deployment of clean technologies and on the promotion of green research-innovation, and will continue to deploy its efforts in this direction.

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