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Morocco has a 5-month wheat reserve

Morocco, which imported part of its wheat needs from Ukraine and Russia, two countries currently at war, had to find other sources of supply to cover its needs and build up a reserve.

Asked about the state of the Kingdom’s strategic stock during the press briefing following the government council meeting on Thursday, government spokesman Mustapha Baitas assured that the country has a 5-month wheat reserve.

With regard to hydrocarbons, the Minister indicated that “current availability is sufficient”, but no one knows what tomorrow will bring.

Returning to the Strategic Stock, Baitas said that the government has considered the issue since it was mentioned by the King in the speech at the start of the parliamentary term.

The Executive started to work on it, but the prices were quite different at the time, today everything has changed, he argued.

“Morocco is certainly far from the area of ​​the Russian-Ukrainian conflict geographically, but the impact of supply chain disruptions is being felt, and so are price increases,” Baitas said, noting that “ the increases are linked and no one knows where or when it will stop”.

He added in the sense that at the beginning of the year, the rainfall deficit did not help things at all, but “there is a recovery and things can improve”.

“The strategic stock requires a public policy and a dedicated budget. The vision is there, but the implementation will take some time,” he concluded.

It should be noted that the King had called in October 2021 for the establishment of a strategic reserve aimed at strengthening the security and sovereignty of the Kingdom.

In this sense, the Sovereign had underlined the need to ensure the constitution of the strategic reserve of basic necessities, in particular food, health and energy products and the continuous updating of national needs in this area, with a view to preserving security. strategy of Morocco and defend its interests, in the present conjuncture which carries in its wake challenges, risks and threats.

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