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Morocco: Here are the best-selling cars in 2018

After a tentative start, the Moroccan automotive market has managed, over the months, to raise the bar, suggesting another great feat in 2018 with a new sales record in perspective for the fourth consecutive year.

At one month from the end of 2018, the automobile is now giving strong signals of a great performance during this year, thanks to the huge efforts made by dealers to market their vehicles, particularly in terms of marketing, design and innovation.

Despite some months of doubt that registrations were down, the various brands did not let go and waited for the flagship event of the year, namely the 11th Auto-Expo (10-22 April), to boost their sales.

Thus, the figures of the Association of importers of vehicles in Morocco (AIVAM) show that the segment of passenger cars (VP) reached 141,985 units sold at the end of November 2018, an evolution of 3.41% compared to the same period a year ago, while the Light Commercial Vehicle (LCV) segment increased 5.46% to 12,826 units.

By dealer, the undeniable Dacia retains the top of the ranking with a total of 42,687 registrations during the first eleven months of the year, achieving an increase of 3.33% compared to 2017 and grabbing a share of 30.06 % of the market.

The French car manufacturer Renault remains in second place with 19,896 vehicles sold, a growth of 5.53% and a market share of nearly 14%, followed by Volkswagen (+ 1.34% to 10,336 units) and Peugeot (+ 4.88% to 9,153 units).

The Moroccan car market was also marked during this year by a dazzling success of Fiat (6th), Citroën (8th) and Toyota (10th) which posted double-digit growth at the end of November 2018 (+38.61 %, + 10.09% and + 40.74% at 7,557, 6,014 and 4,512 units sold, respectively).

In contrast, sales of Hyundai (5th) and Nissan (9th) fell in the order of 4.34% and 2.56% to 8,896 and 5,741 vehicles sold, while those of the American manufacturer Ford (7th) ) fell by 38.96%.

Regarding the premium segment, it also registered an uptrend, despite the slight decline in Mercedes (-3.51% to 2,637 units) which remains still leader in this segment.

This good performance of the premium is to be put to the assets of Land Rover, strong success of its Range Rover Evoque, and Volvo which peaked at 2,215 and 850 registrations, respectively increases of 94.3% and 55.68 %.

The Moroccan automotive industry, supported by various strategies and structural policies, in particular the 2014-2020 Industrial Acceleration Plan which initiated the development phase of the automotive ecosystems, is making good progress to become a real locomotive of the national economy.

The still booming automotive sector has also benefited from the establishment of international groups, in particular Renault, Citroën and Peugeot, which has contributed to the promotion of automotive construction in the Kingdom and consequently the creation of wealth and employment.

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