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Morocco holds 28 Guinness World Records

The official world record monitoring and recording authority, Guinness World Records (GWR), has revealed two Moroccan achievements in its records, signed by world swimmer Hassan Baraka and young Moroccan Aida El Ouaadoudi.

Moroccan swimmer Hassan Baraka, 34, managed to win the Guinness World Record title for fastest swimming time after crossing the Gulf of Aqaba in 8 hours, 30 minutes and 42 seconds, GWR says on its website web.

Meanwhile, Aida El Ouaadoudi, 27, managed to complete 122 laps (hulahoops) of about one foot in 30 seconds, breaking the previous record of 119.

Hassan Baraka had attempted to break the record in 2014, but he only submitted a request to document this achievement in 2020 and completed the required evidence only a few months ago.

He was to provide a lot of information about his attempt, including some documentation to the Saudi authorities and the General Secretariat of the Gulf Cooperation Council, as well as data relating to GPS tracking and videos, it is explained.

“Crossing the Gulf of Aqaba has been the most difficult challenge of my life,” said the Moroccan swimmer, who had managed to cover a distance of 28.1 kilometers at the age of 27.

“Reaching a Guinness World Record is one of the dreams of my life,” said Hassan, an MBA holder from Toulouse, France, adding that “when I was a child I ordered a copy of the Guinness Book of records at the end of each year for reading inspirational stories from the most influential people on the planet (..) The moment I received this recognition was truly extraordinary”.

For her part, Aida El Ouaadoudi, a 27-year-old from Tangier, shares this dream of breaking a world record. She managed to complete 122 laps (hulahoops) of about one foot in 30 seconds, winning a precious title that required a lot of skill and effort.

“I used to lie on my back and play hoops just to pass the time, which started to give me strength in my feet. And because I liked it, I decided to play this sport,” she says.

Aida has worked extensively on regulating her breathing and participating in meditation sessions to give her body more balance and flexibility.

“When I first participated with a ballet and gymnastics trainer, I couldn’t follow the required movements, but by engaging in the exercise I was able to achieve an advanced stage of stability and by force,” she says, adding that her dream was to achieve this feat in Tangier, her hometown.

The exploits of Hassan Baraka and Aida El Ouaadoudi bring the total number of Guinness records achieved by Moroccans to 28.

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