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Morocco: Hydroxychloroquine soon on sale in pharmacies

The issue will be on prescription and presentation of a positive Covid test. The other components of the treatment protocol already available in pharmacies. Liberal doctors will soon be able to monitor their infected and isolated patients at home.

This is a new step towards the normalization of Covid-19: hydroxychloroquine will now be on sale in pharmacies.

“This decision comes into force very soon,” we learned from Boubaker Bouarich, president of the FNSPM, the National Federation of Pharmacists Unions in Morocco.

Apart from hydroxychloroquine, all the other components of the first-line “national treatment protocol” were already available in pharmacies. Except that we had trouble finding vitamin C and zinc.

“Hydroxychloroquine will now follow the natural drug circuit,” comments Mr. Bouarich. This molecule is now manufactured in Morocco.
This decision will reduce the crowds in front of hospitals to receive “treatments”.

The delivery will be on prescription, a positive test will also be required, adds our source.

Regarding the price, it goes without saying that the people covered will be reimbursed by their insurance. The patient who will have the means (financial or medical coverage) will therefore have the possibility of paying, and this will alleviate the costs of the Ministry of Public Health.

The FNSPM is also discussing with the ministry the establishment of a third-party payment system when a vaccine against Covid will be available.

Dr Mly Said Afif, President of the National Federation of Health, revealed that free practice doctors will now be able to monitor their infected and isolated patients at home. This decision will soon be taken, he adds.

Note that 89% of patients, according to official figures, have asymptomatic or mild forms and are therefore eligible for home monitoring provided that there are no risk factors and that there is the possibility of having of a single room.

Dr Afif also revealed to us the upcoming meetings with the Ministry of Health so that the flu and pneumococcal vaccines are covered by the State.

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