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Morocco interested in new tool for tracking suspicious travelers

The UN announced Tuesday to make available to its member states a new computer program to better detect the travel of suspected extremists, a tool that already interests fifteen states, including Sri Lanka, Iraq or Morocco.

Dubbed “Go Travel”, the software is an improved version of a portal given in 2018 by the Netherlands to the United Nations.

With an estimated value of between ten and fifteen million dollars, it will be donated free of charge to the countries that request it, and it will be up to them to equip themselves with computers to use it, according to the UN.

Referring to recent attacks in Kenya, New Zealand and Sri Lanka, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres reminded the UN General Assembly that “the scourge of terrorism” was “of global significance”. “These attacks underscore the need for close work among partners across the UN and beyond.”

“The program launched today helps to achieve this goal,” he said.

According to the UN, countries in the Middle East and Asia in particular, lacking sophisticated means of identifying users of air or sea transport, should be particularly interested in this new tool.

The “Go Travel” program facilitates the aggregation of information on traveler identification, analysis and sharing between member countries, according to the Organization, which ensures that everything has been done to ensure data protection.

Regarding international coordination and cross-fertilization, each state will decide what it wants to share with others, the UN said.

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