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Morocco: Interpol will soon intervene in the territory

The Interpol office in Rabat, in coordination with the French security authorities, has opened an investigation into the involvement in a financial scandal of a number of important Moroccan officials and personalities. Indeed, they would be involved, in huge smuggling, currency trading and tax evasion.

It is expected that the openness of information that may pinpoint many notorieties by raising their villainous operations, results in a resounding scandal. The information actually relates to a list of Moroccan eminences suspected of having links with international drug trafficking and human beings.

The investigation came after French financial controllers heard of suspicious financial transactions from Moroccans in Paris. One of the employees of the consulate of Morocco in France is also suspected of being involved in these illegal activities and would already be the subject of deep investigations by the authorities concerned.

Still in the same context, the newspaper reports, the affair should also splash a number of politicians and Moroccan businessmen, having acquired real estate and set up projects in total disrespect of the rules. import or export of the Kingdom simply because of their influence. Big scandal in perspective that should feed the news for a little while.

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