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Morocco launches two Nano-Satellites

The KSF Space Foundation has just announced that Moroccan students from the National School of Computer Science and Systems Analysis (ENSIAS) of Mohammed V University of Rabat and students from the Private University of Fez have builds two Nano-Satellites for the study of the ozone layer and climate change.

The launch of these two Nano-Satellites will be provided by a space capsule. Other Nano-Satellites from other universities in India, Mexico and the United Kingdom will also be launched by this capsule.

This great scientific event will coincide with the anniversary of the first astronaut in history, the Russian Yuri Gagarin, with the presence of a Russian delegation and in collaboration with the Indian company Valles Marineris International Space.

The president of KSF Space, Mohamed Kayyali, said that the capsule is made of materials resistant to all extreme conditions (changes in pressure and temperature, sudden vibrations …). And note that the capsule, which will be launched during the month of May, will ensure the best conditions of transport to the payload that is Nano-Satellites.

Moroccan universities will work alongside other universities to analyze scientific data after landing the space capsule, in collaboration with the International Federation of Global & Green Information Communication Technology in the United States. The landing operation of the capsule with a height of about 40 km will be filmed.

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