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Morocco leaves «Bloomberg Innovation Index»

Four years after Morocco’s presence in the Bloomberg Innovation Index, which is overseen by Bloomberg, the world’s leading financial and economic news organization, which for the first time covered 60 countries compared to 50 in the previous 6 editions, Which was issued several days ago.

Between 2017 and 2018, The Kingdom was ranked 50th and last in the world rankings, which includes the most innovative countries around the world, ranging from 43.99 to 44.48 per 100, which is considered to be good compared to Tunisia and South Africa, and which is Africa’s only representative.

In comparison with Morocco, which has lost ranks to several countries recently joined by Bloomberg, such as the United Arab Emirates, India and Argentina, in addition to Kuwait, Vietnam, Qatar, Chile and Mexico, Tunisia and South Africa remain stable within the international classification, (43 to 52) and for South Africa at 3 levels (48 to 51).

The Bloomberg Innovation Index has witnessed the presence of the Kingdom since 2015 and is overseen by a specialized panel of investors and economic analysts. It is ranked between 48 and 50 by the “high technology density” that has enabled it, 33 in the world in 2017, compared to several other features and criteria, including investment in research and development, productivity and the number of patents developed each year, which did not enable it to improve its position in the GHS.

Morocco’s shortage, especially in the above-mentioned criteria, has contributed to reconsidering its strategies for its current development model, putting the Kingdom within the balance between developed and emerging economies, which have worked hard by catching up Socioeconomic status of other countries, including Turkey, Malaysia and Indonesia. To compare the efforts of the Kingdom and these countries, the rate of investment in Morocco in the field of research and development is still less than 1 percent compared to 4 percent for a country such as Israel, which is ranked in the fifth in the current version of the classification.

The Bloomberg Innovation Index for 2019, South Korea, is close to 87.38 points, surpassing Germany and Finland for the top three rankings. For the United States, it is ranked among the 10 most innovative countries, following a 3-point ranking and ranking 8th Globally, France is also in the top 10 places alongside America, winning 81.67 points compared to 9th in the 2018 version.

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