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Morocco makes 14 million masks a day

Moroccan companies, helped by the Ministry of Industry, are stepping up the rate of manufacturing protective masks against the coronavirus.

14 million masks. Here is the figure relating to the quantity manufactured per day by the kingdom. This figure shows that in two months, production has doubled. Moroccan companies that hold the “Imanor” certification for the production of sanitary masks exceed 300 million. The companies certified for the production of masks in non-woven fabric have today a production capacity of 10 million units per day. As for producers of reusable masks, they reach four million units per day.

Taking into account data from the Ministry of Industry for the period from May 21 to June 8, nearly 18.5 million masks were exported by 69 companies. Better, beyond the borders, 11 countries spread over the four continents received these “Made Morocco” products. Woven masks represent 77% of the foreign supply against 23% of non-woven fabric. Thus, France comes first with 33.6% of exported volumes followed by Portugal with 28.5%. Spain accounts for 14.6% of the volumes exported.

In total, a stock of 30 million masks has been built since mid-May, in response to local demand.

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